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Laravel Translatable

PHP 299 156 715 41 60 11.7.0

This is a Laravel package for translatable models. Its goal is to remove the complexity in retrieving and storing multilingual model instances. With this package you write less code, as the translations are being fetched/saved when you fetch/save your instance.

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PHP 15 265 1 5 0.6.0

This Laravel package aims to provide the most common and flexible CMS features to your Laravel project. You can still use the frontend/template engine of your choice, use the scheduler/queue and receive POST requests and all the other features Laravel provides.

Ignition Stackoverflow

PHP 51 12 103 0 3 1.4.0

A tab that fetches stackoverflow questions


Laravel Guzzle

PHP 2 258 1 2 2.0.0

Laravel wrapper for guzzlehttp/guzzle


Laravel Mime

PHP 2 150 0 1 0.2.0

Laravel wrapper for symfony/mime


Laravel Eloquent Uuid

PHP 2 50 0 2 1.0.1

A simple drop-in solution for UUID support in your Eloquent models.


Php Unavatar

PHP 1 28 0 1 0.1.0

PHP integration of unavatar service.


Countdown Gif

PHP 4 7 0 1 dev-master

Countdown-Gif generator


Laravel Unavatar

PHP 1 5 0 1 0.1.0

Laravel integration of unavatar service.


Laravel Cachable Attributes

PHP 1 3 0 1 0.1.0

Allows to cache attribute accessor values in an easy way.



Gummibeer Avatar Gummibeer 638 dimsav Avatar dimsav 283 Lloople Avatar Lloople 28 netdown Avatar netdown 15 Te7a-Houdini Avatar Te7a-Houdini 14 sdebacker Avatar sdebacker 10 johannesschobel Avatar johannesschobel 7 ahmed-aliraqi Avatar ahmed-aliraqi 5 easteregg Avatar easteregg 4 Hyleeh Avatar Hyleeh 3 FlYos Avatar FlYos 3 askello Avatar askello 2 sebastiandedeyne Avatar sebastiandedeyne 2 shadoWalker89 Avatar shadoWalker89 2 yakidahan Avatar yakidahan 2 alfhen Avatar alfhen 2 tintamarre Avatar tintamarre 2 plmarcelo Avatar plmarcelo 2 Djuki Avatar Djuki 2 lan0 Avatar lan0 2 derekmd Avatar derekmd 2 deargonaut Avatar deargonaut 2 rb1193 Avatar rb1193 2 ben-nsng Avatar ben-nsng 2 actuallymab Avatar actuallymab 2 plivius Avatar plivius 1 rigor789 Avatar rigor789 1 nWidart Avatar nWidart 1 raphaelsaunier Avatar raphaelsaunier 1 svenluijten Avatar svenluijten 1 saidbakr Avatar saidbakr 1 simonfunk Avatar simonfunk 1 SjorsO Avatar SjorsO 1 tomhatzer Avatar tomhatzer 1 tomzx Avatar tomzx 1 torkiljohnsen Avatar torkiljohnsen 1 unitedworx Avatar unitedworx 1 vcarreira Avatar vcarreira 1 voidgraphics Avatar voidgraphics 1 nsaumini Avatar nsaumini 1 m-triassi Avatar m-triassi 1 mstaack Avatar mstaack 1 garygreen Avatar garygreen 1 ahmedusama250 Avatar ahmedusama250 1 AkkuFresh Avatar AkkuFresh 1 andersLAL Avatar andersLAL 1 barryvdh Avatar barryvdh 1 boyd91 Avatar boyd91 1 buzzclue Avatar buzzclue 1 davidangel Avatar davidangel 1 ElMatella Avatar ElMatella 1 fridzema Avatar fridzema 1 Frozire Avatar Frozire 1 hannesvdvreken Avatar hannesvdvreken 1 monkeywithacupcake Avatar monkeywithacupcake 1 javichito Avatar javichito 1 jhm-ciberman Avatar jhm-ciberman 1 jshayes Avatar jshayes 1 k-zakhariy Avatar k-zakhariy 1 luc-k Avatar luc-k 1 m13z Avatar m13z 1 marijnkampf Avatar marijnkampf 1 markokeeffe Avatar markokeeffe 1 miclf Avatar miclf 1 mkwsra Avatar mkwsra 1 zoransa Avatar zoransa 1

License: MIT & Treeware

If not other stated all our packages are licensed under MIT License (copy of license is in each package) and also as Treeware.

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